The basic goals of IWEA are interrelated with the many aspects of the Ironworker Industry, ranging from labor relations, training, marketing, safety and legislative issues.


  • To collect and disseminate pertinent information on all Ironworker topics to Association members.
  • To promote the Ironworking Industry through partnering relationships with other Associations and Building Trades Unions, both local and national.
  • To provide a forum wherein problems and opinions regarding the Ironworking Industry may be discussed and such resolutions adopted or action taken which the Association deems is in its best interest regarding promotion of the Industry and protection of the Association’s interest.
  • To establish and maintain a set of fair and equitable standards governing the relations between Association Members and  their respective employees.


Labor Relations


  • To foster and promote the interest of those engaged in all aspects of the Ironworking Industry and Trade while developing and maintaining a harmonious working relationship with Iron Workers Local 3 as well as the Office of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, located in Washington, D.C.
  • To negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with respect to wages, hours of work and other terms and conditions of employment with Iron Workers Local 3, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • To negotiate a District Council Agreement between the Association and the Iron Workers District Council of Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania covering the complete erection of pre-engineered metal buildings throughout the District Council territory.
  • To establish a system whereby labor disputes are settled quickly and amicably.



  • To conduct or co-sponsor training seminars for both Management and Union Members.
  • To assist Local 3 in identifying current trends in the market and setting up training and estimating programs to meet those needs.



  • Work with Iron Worker Local 3 along with the International Union Office and other local and National Associations on selected legislative issues regarding the construction industry with a focus on the Ironworking Industry.
  • Develop relationships with various elected representatives and/or officials of local, state and federal government who support various Association positions.



  • To develop a relationship with the local and national Office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) so that they are aware of the Association's position on vital issues.
  • Work with national organizations on specific selected issues of importance to Association Members and respective unions who deal with this Association.



  • To develop a marketing plan to help promote a consistent level of employment in the Ironworking Industry.
  • Meet with General Contractors, Construction Managers, local government officials, and private owners and developers to market Association Members and their services.
  • Attend local school and vocational seminars to promote the opportunities available in our industry in both management and craftsman roles.