Construction Industry Opioid Awareness Week - Substance Abuse Programs

July 25, 2018

Substance Abuse Testing programs are an important part of a commitment to safety in the workplace.

For IWEA Member Contractors and our labor partners at Iron Workers Local Union No. 3, the presence of the Western PA Construction Industry Drug Free Partnership (WPACIDFP) Program has been a consistent force for nearly 20 years. Taking the lead on job site safety and creating a “Drug Free Workplace” by consistently checking employees eligibility status in the central database is just one advantage that our Contractors have over competition.

It is also important to develop and implement a substance abuse testing program for all employees, not just those in the field. This sends a strong message of unity and commitment to a total drug free workforce.

NSC resources listed below outline some of the considerations and tips on developing a workplace testing program.

Additionally, drug and alcohol awareness training for supervision and employees should be included in annual training requirements so that everyone stays up to date with new technology and refreshes their commitment to use substance abuse testing as another safety tool when appropriate.

If interested in training resources or substance abuse program development support, please contact the IWEA Office ASAP.