Songer Steel Services


President / CEO - Joseph Meneskie
V.P. / Chief Operations Officer - Gregg Preteroti
Executive V.P. - Mike Armold  
V.P./ Midwest Division - David Toennies 
GM/ Engineering - Lauren Keating 
GM/Midwest Division - Tom Jarka 
Safety Director - Nathan Waszo
General Superintendent - Rich Batson

About Us:

Headquartered 30 miles south of the "Steel City" (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Songer Services is a focused company with a large presence.  Developed by Industry Icon Paul Songer and re-launched in 2003, Songer started its operations and quickly established its presence experiencing immediate success, landing jobs both domestically and internationally with some of the world's top-producing steel companies. Songer Services continues to grow and has become a major player in the Heavy Industrial Markets.  Built as an employee talent-driven organization, Songer prides itself on finding, developing and maintaining the best experts in the industry.  If not for our team, Songer Services wouldn't be where it is today.  Teamwork is everything at Songer and defines the company's philosophy.

Our company's objectives are to perform our day to day operations focused on safety, communication, schedules and quality; providing value-added services to all of our customers as we evolve to their needs.

We at Songer Services are committed to meeting industry's needs through proper planning and direct communication on all levels of the project. We are a Union Contracting company qualified to execute new construction, maintenance and renovation projects in nine states.

We supply industry with top-notch supervision and quality union craftsmen who work hand in hand with your plants’ personnel to ensure a quality project from start to finish. As a union contractor, we maintain excellent relationships with the local and international trade unions in order to deliver a high level of performance for all of your needs.

Types of Work Operations:

Industrial Services include Plant Maintenance, Construction Management, Preconstruction Engineering and Consulting

Fabrication includes our Laydown and Fabrication facilities in Alabama, Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh; affiliations with numerous fabrication companies, and design and engineering capabilities and affiliations.

General Contracting includes Heavy Industrial, Gas and Oil,  Integrated Steel Mills and Blast Furnace, Stoves and Coke ovens.

Songer Steel Services
100 Houston Square
Suite 200
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Phone: (724) 884-0184
Fax: (724) 884-0185
To schedule a consult contact:
Gregg Preteroti
Phone: (724) 272-5801