Enerfab Power & Industrial, Inc.


General Manager / Tad Hoffmaster

VP Operations / Larry Aderholt


About Us:

Enerfab  is recognized nationally as a specialty contractor for mechanical construction. Our expertise ranges from the heaviest rigging, to structural steel erection, maintenance of power facilities, and the precision installation of power and industrial equipment. We are actively involved with the power industry and serve manufacturing concerns of all types.

Types of Work Operations:

Power Plant and Industrial Construction
Power Plant and Industrial Maintenance
Rigging and Hauling
Structural Steel Erection

Enerfab Power & Industrial, Inc.
8261 Old Derry St.
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Phone: (800) 772-5066
Email: thoffmaster@enerfab.com

To schedule a consult contact:
Tad Hoffmaster
Phone: (717) 566-5066