Deadline to Submit Project Safety Achievement Articles for Ironworker Magazine

May 30, 2018

An important part of The International Association’s “2018 ZERO Incident” campaign is the recognition of members and projects that demonstrate their skills and complete complex projects with outstanding safety performance.  We want to formally recognize our Ironworkers and contractors throughout North America in the August safety edition of the Ironworker Magazine.  We continue to challenge all members to “See Something - Say Something” to recognize and avoid workplace health hazards. 


Please contact me in the Safety and Health Department at (916) 752-2581, Jeff Norris, Canadian Safety Coordinator at (780) 459-4498, or Vicki O’Leary, General Organizer of Safety/Diversity at (202) 702-7828 if you have any questions pertaining to the submission of articles and photographs for the special safety edition of the Ironworker magazine in August of 2018.


Please forward all articles and photographs to Christie Rose with the Safety and Health Department at or call her at (847) 795-1714 for assistance.   We look forward to receiving photographs and project information from you!